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Welcome to Darrel and Deena's Web site!

We originally built this website because we have family, friends, customers and business associates that are scattered around the world.  It is an easy way to keep everyone up to date, and let them have a peek into our personal lives.  We invite everyone to take a look. 

Don't forget to register with our website.  I will add you to my personal email list and send you an email when there is an update to the website.

Favorite Links - These are a list of Friends websites, websites that I have built and maintain  Or just sites that I like. There is a description of each site on my favorites page.

Springfield North High Class of 1972

bullet Jeans2Tight
bulletMissy's Website
bullet Alderbaran Jewelry
bulletLance Baker
bullet East of Eden
bullet Jeff Davis Music
bulletAndy Boller
bulletDr. Steve Komadina
bulletMuscle Maniac
bullet Born Again American

I maintain a page for our high school class.  It is dedicated to finding people from our graduating class and keeping everyone informed.  On the site registration page, I have made a category for the Springfield North High class of 72.  So make sure to register, this will insure I have the most up to date information for you.  I also send out an email newsletter from time to time.

I keep your information in a database that is on my personal computer and not left on the web.  I will not give your information out without your permission.

Feel Free to register if you are not from our class but just want to keep up with what we are doing.  We welcome everybody!

Photo Album

Communities & Forums

Take time to check out our family pictures and photos.  We also have plenty of pictures on the links to our communities. 

I am working on this right now.  So please excuse the lack of information.

2003 Darrel Baker

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